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Bumpers, Dents, and Fender Repair

Bumper Repair in Connecticut

Trust Connecticut Classic Car Company for your bumper repair needs. We service all parts of Connecticut and are currently based in Meriden, CT.  Whether you are looking for bumper scuff repair, bumper replacement, bumper installation, bumper removal, bumper scratches, bumper dents, or torn bumpers, we will fix it! Let the professionals at Connecticut Classic Car Company have a full look at your bumper and we will give you an instant quote!


Dent Repair in Connecticut

It can be stressful finding the right auto body specialist to remove a dent in your vehicle. Whether you have a minor dent in your car or a major dent that needs special attention, we will ensure to preserve the appearance of your car for a fraction of the cost. Our dent removal and dent repair services vary however be sure to get in contact with us so we can give you a quote on what we're dealing with.

Fender Repair in Connecticut


Fender collisions are bound to happen at the most unexpected time. Whether you have a tiny dent or serious damage on your vehicle, our technicians will use advanced technology to get your car looking brand new again! We will ensure to match your vehicle's car color for repainting and will treat your repair with care. Trust Connecticut Classic Car Company for affordable and professional quality services.

Contact Us

For any questions or general inquiries, please give us a call or fill out the form below and we will get in touch with you as soon as possible!

P: (203) 631-0184

780 Old Colony Rd,

Meriden, CT 06450

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